Frank Fenner, Malcolm McIntosh and New Innovators Prizes

The Frank Fenner Prize for Life Scientist of the Year and the Malcolm McIntosh Prize for Physical Scientist of the Year each recognise an exceptional achievement in science that benefits, or has the potential to benefit, human welfare or society. Each prize is awarded to an individual who has realised a research achievement within 10 years (full time or full time equivalent) of completing their highest relevant tertiary qualification.

The Prize for New Innovators, created in 2016 recognises an exceptional early achievement in the commercialisation of scientific research that has had substantial economic, social and where relevant environmental benefits. The prize is awarded to an individual who has commercialised their research outcomes within 10 years (full time or FTE) of completing their highest relevant tertiary qualification.

In 2017, the Prize for New Innovators was not awarded. Due to the early nature of their endeavours, no nominees for the Prize met the proven high standard set for all Prime Minister’s Prize winners.

The prizes

Each recipient receives an award certificate, a silver medallion and lapel pin, and prize money of $50 000.

The medallions are each manufactured from 6 ounces of solid silver. The Frank Fenner medallion features an image of Professor Frank Fenner AC who was internationally renowned for his contribution to myxomatosis, a disease used to control Australia’s rabbit population; and his knowledge of poxviruses as instrumental in demonstration that there was no animal reservoir of smallpox thus enabling the global eradication of smallpox.

The Malcolm McIntosh medal features an image of Sir Malcolm McIntosh AC who held a PhD in Physics from the Australian National University and was the Chief Executive Officer of CSIRO from 1996 until February 2000.

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