Nomination process

Nominations for the Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science are streamlined into a two-stage process. Only online submissions are accepted.

Nominators are advised to refer to the relevant Science Prizes Nomination Guidelines and/or Science Teaching Prizes Nomination Guidelines as all nominations are assessed against these criteria.

Stage 1 (shortlisting stage)

Online nominations for stage 1 involve completing details about:

  • Nominator (All Prizes)
  • Nominee (s) (All Prizes)
  • Two supporters (All Prizes); and
  • Three external referees (applicable to the five Science Prizes only).

The following information or documents are required to support the nomination:

For all Prizes:

  • Certified proof of Australian citizenship or permanent residency;
  • Nominee (s) Achievement Summary: a description of the nominee’s achievements, no more than 1000 words, addressing the selection criteria; and
  • Curriculum vitae (CV).

For the five Science Prizes:

  • CVs must include reference to at least four articles or key patents or peer-reviewed academic articles/publications that relate most directly to the work for which the nomination is made.

For the Malcolm McIntosh, Frank Fenner and the Prize for New Innovators Prizes

  • Submissions or CVs must also include:
    1. a statement of assurance that the research or research commercialisation outcomes were achieved within 10 years full time or full time equivalent of obtaining their highest relevant tertiary qualification. This can include research as part of studies leading to the awards of Bachelor, Master or PhD
    2. At least four years (full time or full time equivalent) of the nominee’s research career must have been spent in Australia
    3. A certified copy of the testamur is required.

Please refer to relevant Nomination Guidelines for eligibilities and selection criteria for specifics to each prize type.

Stage 2 (final stage)

Nominations shortlisted to stage 2 are invited to submit a full nomination.

A full nomination comprises the following documentation:

  • Nominator’s reference supporting the nomination (addressing the selection criteria) (All Prizes).
  • Two supporters’ references on the nominated achievement (All Prizes)
  • A list of publications (applicable to the five Science Prizes only).
  • A copy of each of the four publications/patents that best describe the nominated achievement (applicable to the five Science Prizes only).

The Nominator’s and Supporters’ Stage 2 statements for science prizes will be referred to three External Referees with expertise in the relevant discipline, to seek their professional opinions concerning the claims made in the nomination.   The Committee may decide to approach those referees identified in Nominators’ Stage 1 submissions; however it reserves the right to approach one or more alternative referees.

Please note that any materials provided other than those listed will not be considered in the assessment process.

All documents should be either in Microsoft Word, Excel, rich text, or Adobe Acrobat format. They should be no larger than 20MB in combined size.

In exceptional circumstances where nominators and supporters are unable to submit information online, they should contact as soon as possible to arrange alternative methods of submission.

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