Prime Minister’s Prize for Science and Prime Minister's Prize for Innovation

The Prime Minister’s Prize for Science and the Prime Minister's Prize for Innovation are the nation’s pre-eminent awards for a significant advancement of knowledge through research and innovation through the translation of science for a substantial commercial, economic, social impact and (where relevant), environmental benefits.

The prizes are a tribute to the contributions Australian scientists and innovators have made in Australia and globally and of the direct and indirect benefits and value in terms of public good.

Each prize may be awarded to an individual or jointly to up to four individuals if the achievement is the result of a collaborative or team effort.

The prizes

Each of these prizes comprise an award certificate, a gold medallion and lapel pin, and prize money of $250 000. Should a team be awarded the prize, each member would receive an equal portion of the prize money.

The embossed medallions are manufactured from 6.5 ounces of solid gold, with a central silver inlay with the Australian Coat of Arms ‘pad printed’ in colour. This unique process greatly enhances the medallion’s beauty and the quality of its appearance reflects its status as Australia’s most prestigious science awards.


  • There are no restrictions as to when the achievement was accomplished however all nominees (either single or collective) must currently hold an active position in research, academia or the private sector.
  • Previous nominees for the Prime Minister’s Prize for Science or the Prime Minister’s Prize for Innovation are eligible for renomination and for consideration for a prize.
  • Past recipients of the Frank Fenner (or its predecessor, the Science Minister’s Prize), Malcolm McIntosh Prize or Prize for New Innovators may be considered for the award of either the Prime Minister’s Prize for Science or the Prime Minister's Prize for Innovation, subject to provisions of eligibilities, consistent with the criteria for these prizes.
  • Nominees must meet the eligibility criteria in the guidelines which also note an expectation of further public roles for the prize recipients during and/or after the year following their award.
  • Read the guidelines


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