Prime Minister’s Prizes for Excellence in Science Teaching

The Prime Minister’s Prizes for Excellence in Science Teaching in Primary Schools and Secondary Schools are awarded annually to two teachers who have made an outstanding contribution to science education in Australia.

Science teachers have a fundamental role in nurturing an interest in science in Australia’s youth. Their contributions, commitment and dedication to effective and creative science teaching are celebrated in these two awards.

The prizes

The Science Teaching Prizes each comprise an award certificate, a silver medallion and lapel pin, and prize money of $50 000. Each prize is only awarded to an individual teacher.

Prize monies of the awards are shared equally between the recipients and the schools in which they were teaching at the time of the nomination. The share of the prize monies is to recognise and reward each Principal and school for their support and provision of facilities to the teacher that allowed them to achieve their results. The school’s share is for financing a project that will improve its capacity to teach science.


  • Previous nominees are eligible for renominations and can be considered for a prize, subject to eligibility criteria being met.
  • A nominee must be a full time staff member at a primary or secondary school and be active in teaching science in the classroom at the time of nomination.
  • For a secondary school teacher, science teaching must be at least 0.5 full time equivalent of their teaching workload.
  • Nominees must meet the eligibility criteria in the guidelines which also note an expectation of further public roles for the prize recipients during and/or after the year following their award.
  • Read the guidelines

Past recipients

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