Privacy policy

Before you begin your online nomination it is important that you understand the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science privacy policy.

Privacy Notice

Information on this form is collected to administer the Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science. All material provided by nominators, supporters, nominees and referees is accepted on the understanding that such material may only be used or disclosed to:

  • Commonwealth employees and contractors to help manage the programme effectively that includes publicity concerning the promotion of science, innovation and science education;
  • Selection committees to recommend recipients of the Prime Minister's Prizes for Science;
  • The responsible Minister or Parliamentary Secretary to endorse recipients of the Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science;
  • The Auditor-General, Ombudsman or Privacy Commissioner
  • Members of the Australian Parliament
  • in other instances where information may be disclosed without consent where this is authorised or required by law.

Material created by the Commonwealth through the awards process, such as media statements, interviews, videos and photographs are the property of the Commonwealth.

Privacy Act 1988

The department, its contractors and agents are bound by the provisions of the Privacy Act 1988 in administering the Prime Minister's Prizes for Science. This prevents personal information being disclosed without appropriate consent, unless required or authorised by law. Section 14 of the Privacy Act contains the Information Privacy Principles (IPPs) which define the rules for handling personal information.

Privacy Complaints

In the first instance, any complaints about the possible unauthorised use of disclosed information should be referred to the Department's Privacy Officer who can be contacted by email at Privacy complaints can be made directly to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

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