ANSTO-SINAP Joint Materials Research Centre

Securing sources of clean energy is a challenge for Australia and China as both countries seek to meet clean energy targets.

The ANSTO-SINAP Joint Materials Research Centre is a collaboration between the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) and the Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics (SINAP).

The Centre develops materials for a sustainable future by combining the Chinese Academy of Science’s (CAS) expertise on next generation power systems, with Australian expertise in the development of materials for extreme environments.

The Centre is focusing on the revolutionary technology of Thorium Molten Salt Reactors (TMSR). TMSR is capable of operating at elevated temperatures without using uranium fuel, and has the potential to deliver base-load electricity with zero carbon emissions and produce hydrogen fuel directly using excess heat at the same time.

A key challenge to developing a commercially viable TMSR, is designing components (or materials) that are able to withstand the predicted extremes of temperature, corrosion and radiation dose. The Centre aims to develop materials specifically for TMSRs, which may also ultimately benefit a range of processing and manufacturing industries.

The objectives of the Centre will be achieved through reciprocal exchange of scientists, engineers and post-doctoral researchers between Australia and China in order to develop capability through dialogue, knowledge generation, training and publication.

Economic, environmental and social benefits

  • Materials that will lead to zero-carbon emission technology for base-load power generation and hydrogen fuel production
  • Potentially viable TMSR materials


Australian Partner: Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation

Lead Chinese Partner: Shanghai Institute for Applied Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

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