Australia-China Science Academies Symposia Series

Established in 2004, the Australia-China Science Academies Symposia Series seeks to strengthen cooperative research links between Australia and China in areas of mutual national interest.

Organisers and support

​This forum is jointly organised by the:

  • Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
  • Australian Academy of Science (AAS)
  • Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE).

It is supported by the department through the Australia China Science and Research Fund.

The AAS has been engaged to run the 2016 Australia-China Science Academies Symposia in China. Additional information on the series is at:

For further details please contact:

Australian Academy of Sciences
GPO Box 783 Canberra ACT 2601
Telephone:+ 61 2 6201 9400

Eleventh Annual Australia-China Symposium on Neuroscience

Australia and China’s leading neuroscientists came together to share the latest research on neurodegenerative diseases and mental illness as well as better ways to study the brain.Topics included:

  • Brain Circuitry
  • Major Brain Disease/Disorders like epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease and mental illness, along with potential treatments
  • China's Big Brain Project (genomics, imaging and biostatics)Big Brain Project (genomics, imaging and biostatics)

An overview of the 2015 Australia- China Symposium and a copy of the program can be found on the Australian Academy of Science website.

Tenth Annual Australia-China Symposium on astronomy and astrophysics

The tenth annual Australia-China symposium on astronomy and astrophysics was held in Nanjing, China from the 10 to the 12 of November in 2013.

The Australian co-Conveners of the Symposium were Dr Brian Boyle FAA and Dr John O’Sullivan FAA FTSE and included presentations by 19 senior experts from each country on the topics of:

  • radio astronomy
  • dark energy
  • cosmology and detection of dark matter
  • galactic structure
  • big data

An overview of 2013 China-Australia the Symposium and a copy of the program can be found on the Australian Academy of Science website.​

Ninth Annual Australia-China Symposium on healthy ageing

The ninth annual Australia-China Symposium on Healthy Ageing: New Approaches from Genomics, Stem Cells and Smart Technologies was held in Canberra from the 22-24 July 2012.

Hosted by the Australian Academy of Sciences and the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, the three day event brought leading Australian and Chinese scientists together to discuss problems associated with aging populations.

Topics included:

  • the burden of disease and new strategies
  • infectious diseases
  • stem cells and regenerative medicine
  • genomics and personalised medicine
  • medical bionics and nanotechnology.

An overview of the 2012 Australia-China Symposium and a copy of the program can be found on the Australian Academy of Science website.

List of Australia-China Science Academies Symposia Series to date






​Melbourne, Australia

​17-20 November 2004



​Beijing, China

​8-12 October 2005

​Biotechnology and nanotechnology


​Sydney, Australia

​5-7 November 2006

​Energy: transportation fuels, static renewable energy for power generation and traditional energy sources


​Beijing, China

​8-10 August 2007

​Sustaining global ecosystems


​Canberra, Australia

​24-25 November 2008

​Remote sensing technologies and sustainability


​Guangzhou and Xiamen, China

​12-15 October 2009

​Sustainable coastal and deltaic systems


​Barossa Valley, Australia

​14-16 November 2010

​Agriculture and food security relating to health


​Shanghai and Suzhou, China

​5-9 November 2011

​Green materials and recycling economy


​Canberra, Australia

​22-24 July 2012

​Healthy ageing: new approaches to genomics, stem cells and smart technologies


​Nanjing, China

​10-12 November 2013

​Astronomy and astrophysics

​11 ​Melbourne, Australia ​15-16 October 2015 ​Neuroscience
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