Archived Case Studies

Giant Metre-Wave Radio Telescope, India Investigating the Laws of Physics

Australian and Indian scientists are developing new software tools to investigate super-dense stars known as pulsars through the analysis of radio data collected from the Giant Metre-Wave Radio Telescope located in India. Read the case study.

Satellite view of coast line Remote Sensing of Aquatic Marine Ecosystems

How do you monitor the health of an ocean? To help answer this question a team of Australian and Indian researchers held a workshop on remote sensing of aquatic marine ecosystems. Read the case study.

Scientist performing test in laboratoryDetecting Cancer Through Non-invasive Methods

A team of Australian and Indian scientists are developing novel tools for detecting cancer non-invasively and with a high level of precision and specificity. Read the case study.

A pod borer caterpillar on a chickpea leaf Genetic Protection for Chickpeas

Australian and Indian scientists are collaborating on genetic enhancements to chickpeas to provide protection against insect pests such as pod borer caterpillars. Read the case study

At Cape Adare Leopard seal and Adélie penguins bask together in the sun, while in the water they are predator and prey Does Climate Change Drive Evolution

A team of Australian and Indian scientists are collaborating on the question: does climate change drive evolution? Read the case study

Heart Regeneration - A Therapy on the Horizon

An alternative vision for treating patients of cardiac disease - heart regeneration - is closer to being a reality thanks to research being undertaken by Australian and Indian researchers. Read the case study.

Researchers attending an International Workshop on Sonochemistry and Photocatalysis for Environmental Remediation 26 – 28 November 2008 Improving Water Quality - Novel Technology to Remove Organic Pollutants from Wastewater

Researchers in Australia and India are teaming up to develop a novel way of removing organic pollutants from wastewater. Read the case study.​

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