Applying for the AISRF

Current round

AISRF Round 10 to support collaborative research projects is now closed.

Outcomes of Round 10 are expected to be announced in March/April 2017, with projects starting by June/July.

To apply, eligible research organisations must submit an online application form in accordance with the AISRF guidelines and application instructions. Please note that AISRF Round 10 is being managed by AusIndustry, the department’s service delivery division, and the application form and information session registrations are hosted on the website. Relevant links on this page will take you to that site.

An Australian organisation can submit only one application in each of the AISRF’s two streams, the Indo-Australian Science and Technology Fund and the Indo-Australian Biotechnology Fund (that is, a maximum of two applications in Round 10). This is different to Round 9, where only one application in total was permitted. For further information, please also refer to Frequently Asked Questions.

Funding of $500,000–$1,000,000 is available to each successful Australian applicant and will be aimed at projects that can demonstrate a clear path to end use. Applicants can apply to undertake a collaborative research project in the following priority areas, under either the AISRF’s Indo-Australian Science and Technology Fund or the Indo-Australian Biotechnology Fund component.

Indo-Australian Science and Technology Fund

Advanced manufacturing and innovative technologies

  • Material sciences and nanotechnology, including smart materials, energy materials, composites, alloys and polymers
  • Smart cities and infrastructure technologies (including urban design, sensor technologies, real time data and spatial analysis, transport systems, cold chain logistics and storage, and waste management)

Survey, exploration and mining of natural resources (land and marine)

  • Mine safety, environmental impact mitigation and waste management
  • Mining technology development, survey and exploration techniques

Indo-Australian Biotechnology Fund

Disease control – tropical, lifestyle and emerging diseases

  • Countering antimicrobial resistance
  • Drugs, vaccines, immunomodulators and immunotherapeutics

Medical technologies

  • Biomedical devices and implants
  • Diagnostics

Information sessions

The Department held information sessions for this round of collaborative research projects during 19–29 September 2016 in most State and Territory capitals.


To determine your eligibility, view the AISRF guidelines.

Eligible activities for the Indo-Australian Science and Technology Fund and the Indo-Australian Biotechnology Fund generally include:

  • international economy class return airfares for Australian researchers traveling to India
  • living expenses including accommodation and meals for Indian researchers traveling to Australia up to a maximum of $300 per day or $4000 per month, whichever is the lesser amount
  • salaries and on-costs for Australian personnel employed specifically for the collaboration
  • project-specific bench fees, consumables, freight and access to facilities.

Previous AISRF grant recipients can apply for future AISRF grants.

Australian application and assessment process

Applications are to be submitted online with all supporting documentation attached, by the deadline. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

For either the Indo-Australian Science and Technology Fund or the Indo-Australian Biotechnology Fund, Australian applicants must submit the Australia-India Strategic Research Fund Application Form. A sample form is available to view, but note that you must use the online application form to apply, not the sample PDF.

For Australian applicants there is no interview stage for either the Indo-Australian Science and Technology Fund or the Indo-Australian Biotechnology Fund. Indian applicants may be requested by the relevant Indian agency to attend either an interview or provide a presentation. There is no requirement to provide referees at any stage in your application.

Indian application process

For an application to be eligible the Indian partner must submit a corresponding application to the Indian Government. If a matching application is not received by the Indian Government, the Australian application will be deemed ineligible and will not be assessed.

For the Indo-Australian Science and Technology Fund, Indian applicants should refer to the Department of Science and Technology (India) website. For the Indo-Australian Biotechnology Fund, Indian applicants should refer to the Department of Biotechnology (India) website.

Ensure that both the Australian and Indian applications have identical titles.

Project priority areas

The priority areas for both the Biotechnology Fund and the Science and Technology Fund are subject to change. Always check the most recent guidelines and application instructions.

Ensure that both the Australian and Indian applications are submitted to the same fund component and in the same priority area.

Project commencement and duration

Once successful applicants have been notified of their outcome they will enter into a funding agreement with the Commonwealth that sets out the terms and conditions associated with AISRF funding. The Commonwealth has no obligation to provide successful applicants with any funding until the funding agreement has been executed by both parties. Successful applicants must not commence project work until the commencement date of the funding agreement.

Funded activities

For the Indo-Australian Science and Technology Fund and Indo-Australian Biotechnology Fund, please check the latest guidelines for the maximum amount of funding that can be awarded to a successful activity by the Australian Government.

Funding for Indian expenses will be provided by the Indian Government and further information should be sought from them directly. The Indian guidelines for the AISRF do not specify a maximum amount available to Indian applicants, however applicants are expected to reflect a level of research effort comparable to the Australian team in the project.

There is no requirement for either the Australian applicant or partner organisations to demonstrate that the contribution (cash and/or in-kind) to the Project matches or is more than the funding sought from the Australian Government. However, the level of support provided (cash or in-kind) will inform the assessment of a proposal and provide an indication of the level of engagement by the project partners in the proposal.

For a list of eligible activities, view the AISRF guidelines.

Role of end-users

While not mandatory, involvement by industry or other end-user partners is strongly encouraged and funding will be aimed at Projects that can demonstrate a clear path to end use.

For more information about end-users, view the AISRF guidelines.

For more information

Visit: Australia-India Strategic Research Fund


Phone: 13 28 46.

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