International counsellors network

The department’s counsellors, strategically placed in key regions, are responsible for international engagement on Department of Industry, Innovation and Science priorities including science and innovation. The network of counsellors is important for exchanging information and advice with overseas institutions and organisations as well as with host governments. The counsellor network is also a key mechanism for promotion of Australia’s science and innovation contribution, which increases Australia’s reputation with major global science and technology partners and encourages uptake of Australian ideas and technologies. This addresses global challenges and leads to economic benefit to Australia.

The department’s placement of counsellors reflects its prioritisation of international partnerships and the level of activity required for effective Australian engagement with these partners. Currently, the department has counsellors in Washington, Beijing and New Delhi.

Through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), the department receives support from the Department of Education and Training’s overseas network, particularly in Asia. The department also provides reciprocal support to the Department of Education and Training.

Our network

Beijing, China

New Delhi, India

Washington DC, United States of America

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