Science Meets Policymakers on 8 August 2017

Are you a policy professional whose work is informed by science and technology? Are you working in the STEM sector and interested in how you can play a part in the policy process?  Want to forge new and meaningful connections with leaders in this area? Yes? Then this event is for you.

Science meets Policymakers is a one day event bringing together scientists, technologists and policymakers on the hows and whys of making science and technology policy. Researchers from a range of disciplines and policymakers from across government will take a close look at the intersection between evidence based knowledge and policy development.

The event includes targeted workshops with national policy leaders and will help build meaningful collaboration between scientists, technologists, and policymakers.

Hear from the experts in policy formation and senior policymakers actively involved in this area.

Speakers include:

  • Charlie Day – CEO, Office of Innovation and Science Australia
  • Patricia Kelly – Director General of IP Australia
  • Merryn McKinnon – lecturer and researcher in science communications
  • Lisa Rauter – First Assistant Secretary and Head of the Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Cathy Foley – Science Director and Deputy Director, CSIRO Manufacturing
  • Helen Sullivan – Director of the ANU Crawford School of Public Policy
  • Peter Thomas – Director of Policy and Operations at the Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes
  • Malcolm Thompson – Deputy Secretary, Department of Environment and Energy.

This event is supported by the Australian Government through Inspiring Australia.

For more information and to register visit the event website.

Registration will close by COB Friday 28 July 2017.