National survey results: Australian beliefs and attitudes towards science

On 20 October 2016 the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science commissioned the Australian National Centre for Public Awareness of Science to undertake a national survey on Australian Beliefs and Attitudes Towards Science.

The aim of the Survey is to:

  • gain greater insights into the Australian community’s overall engagement with science; and
  • measure their overall awareness of the benefits of science to our society.

The Survey also explored the attitudes of Australians to specific issues, including vaccinations, the use of animals in scientific research, genetically modified foods and climate change.

Overall, the results of the Survey were positive.

The Survey found that the vast majority of Australians feel positive towards science and are using science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills regularly at work.

The Survey also found that:

  • the majority of people are having some kind of science-related conversations regularly
  • more than 90 per cent of people used technology at least a few times a week
  • more than 80 per cent needed maths skills
  • more than half used science skills in their jobs.

To read the full report:

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