Australia-China Joint Research Centre for Maritime Engineering

There are opportunities and challenges for marine science and maritime engineering which require new and modern means to address metocean problems. These include the rapid advance of the ocean industry into deep waters and extended offshore distances, novel technological approaches such as very large floating facilities, and venturing into harsh environments ranging from tropical cyclones to the Arctic.

This Centre will develop highly sophisticated modelling tools to predict ocean and wave climatology, extremes and trends which will allow offshore industries to prepare and protect their ocean assets.

Science and Research Priorities

This Centre aligns with the priority Environmental Change and seeks to investigate the practical challenge of improved accuracy and precision in predicting and measuring the impact of environmental changes caused by climate and local factors.

Economic, environmental and social benefits

  • Improved predictions of oceanic conditions, for maritime industry standards and maritime transports operations
  • A reduction of maritime accidents through improved predictions of oceanic conditions for safety of the maritime industry and maritime transport operation, including both shipping and oceanic pipelines
  • Improved predictions of oceanic conditions for search and rescue missions and recreational users


Lead Australian partner: University of Melbourne

Lead Chinese partner: First Institute of Oceanography of the State Oceanic Administrations

Other partners

  • MetOcean Solutions Ltd 
  • Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology 
  • Woodside Petroleum Ltd
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