Australia-China Science and Research Fund – Joint Research Centres

Australia-China Science and Research Fund (ACSRF) - Joint Research Centres (JRCs) are virtual centres that link Australian and Chinese research institutions conducting a portfolio of research-related activities in priority areas agreed to by the Australian and Chinese governments. ACSRF-JRCs link Australian and Chinese research institutions to build research capacity, maximise the application and commercialisation of research outcomes, and boost collaboration between researchers and industry.

ACSRF-JRCs’ activities include:

  • Joint research programs with Chinese partner/s
  • Conferences, workshops and symposia
  • Exchanges and secondments of personnel between Australia and China
  • New research-related information sharing and communication initiatives.

ACSRF-JRCs must demonstrate a clear path to utilisation of the research outcomes. To this end applicants are required to have an Australian industry or other end-user partner in addition to a Chinese partner.

Australian research partners of each successful ACSRF-JRC will receive grants of up to $1 million in total up to three years, with the Chinese Government supporting its respective Chinese partners.

Round 3 ACSRF–JRCs

Applications have closed for Round 3 ACSRF–JRCs. The successful applicants will be announced later this year.

Round 2 ACSRF-JRCs

Under Round 2 of ACSRF-JRCs, announced in December 2015, a $5.95 million investment in stronger innovation and science links with China is helping address challenges in the marine science, food and agribusiness, and mining equipment technology and services sectors.

The Round 2 ACSRF-JRCs are:

Previous JRCs

Information about Round 1 ACSRF-JRCs can accessed on the ACSRF outcomes, case studies and evaluation page.​

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