Australian Innovation System Report 2017

Australia’s strengths in science and research and development (R&D) will be vital in enabling our innovators and entrepreneurs to capitalise on future technologies. To help inform choices on Australia’s innovation policy, the Australian Innovation System Report series delivers an annual analysis of key innovation indicators and explores a chosen aspect of the innovation system.

The Australian Innovation System Report 2017 provides novel research on firms that make an outsized contribution to economic growth in Australia, termed high-growth firms (HGFs). The report also examines firms with high R&D growth and describes their typical characteristics. It finds that R&D intensity generally has a positive effect on the turnover growth of firms.

The strength of collaboration amongst the Australian research sector is highlighted by a range of indicators. Almost half of the publication output from Australia’s top ten universities (ranked by publication output) had an international co-author (43-50 per cent) during 2013-15. The proportion of international co-publications with Australian authors that are in the top 1% of highly cited articles is increasing.

The report delivers additional evidence on the important role of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) skills in enabling firms to pursue new-to-market innovations. New-to-market international innovators were found to be more than twice as likely to use engineering skills and professional IT skills than domestic modifiers and four times more likely to use scientific and research skills than domestic modifiers of existing innovations.

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