Celebrate 80 Days of Earth Discovery

80 Days DOI Web.pngGeoscience Australia is hosting an 80-day celebration of Earth science and how it impacts our daily lives.

From 1 August 2018, 80 Days of Earth Discovery has been exploring and sharing the diverse and wonderful array of science technologies and discoveries that underpin so many aspects of life in Australia.

From earthquake and hazard monitoring to land mapping, Earth science enables emergency services to plan for and respond to events quickly and efficiently. By mapping the seafloor and sampling earth below water level, Earth science helps us gain an understanding of habitats and mineral deposits to better manage our marine environments.

Earth science influences more than many of us realise.

Geoscience Australia’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr James Johnson, explained that 80 Days of Earth Discovery aims to highlight the many ways discoveries in Earth science impact us all.

“Resources from the Earth are essential to the technologies that we have become accustomed to in daily life” he said.

“They not only provide the energy to fuel our homes and transport, but also the materials we need for our high-tech industries. For example, many people don’t know that Australia holds resources for 17 of the 24 elements found in mobile phones.”

Dr Johnson also highlights that Earth science isn’t just about the rocks under our feet and has many applications that go beyond looking for resources.

“New technologies and innovations mean that the work of geoscientists has evolved to include using satellite imagery to help farmers to best manage their land, improving Australia’s global positioning capabilities to support our growing economy, and monitoring our environment to keep us safe from natural disasters.”

Dr Johnson invited Australians of all ages to get involved and discover the interesting facts about our own backyards noting that by celebrating this brilliant diversity Geoscience Australia will also highlight how geoscience contributes to decision making for industries, communities and the environment.

Some of the many activities that are happening include online engagement with geoscientists, training sessions for teachers, and public talks and tours, including the National Mineral and Fossil Collection.

80 Days of Earth Discovery is active throughout National Science Week and will fittingly wrap up during Earth Science Week on 20 October 2018.

Find events in your area through the 80 Days webpage and follow Geoscience Australia’s social media pages for regular facts and updates.


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