Driving investment in science, research and innovation

The 2017-18 Science, Research and Innovation (SRI) Budget Tables have been published. The tables detail the government's commitment to supporting science and research and the infrastructure that enables it. This year, a summary of the Budget Tables data is available through a new Snapshot and through an updated infographic. The tables themselves are provided in an interactive Excel format, which, along with a new online data visualisation, makes it easier to access and understand the data collected.

About a quarter of Australian Government investment supports the general advancement in knowledge, with another quarter supporting industry, technology, transport and infrastructure. These investments equate to over 50% and provide the groundwork for new innovations.

The 2017-18 Budget Tables reflect the Australian Government’s commitment to significant longer-term initiatives supporting the national science, research and innovation system, including $2.3 billion over 10 years to support research infrastructure through the National Innovation and Science Agenda and the establishment of the Medical Research Future Fund which, when fully capitalised, is expected to expend around $1 billion annually.

Check out the 2017-18 SRI Budget Tables now!

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