#RaisingTheBar for women (and girls) in engineering

Every year, International Women In Engineering Day (23 June) focusses our attention on some of the amazing work by women in engineering and technical roles. To complement this year’s theme of #RaisingTheBar, we shine a light on civil engineer, Michelle Verco. Not only is Michelle a leading female engineer, she is also running interactive science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) workshops to raise the gender balance bar across the industry.

Verco Engineering’s Super STEM Regional SA program is tailored for Year 8 and 9 girls in regional and rural South Australia. It delivers hands-on, fun, real-life STEM learning by applying STEM subjects, principles and new technologies to increasing productivity in rural jobs. It also highlights the breadth of STEM-related careers that are available, from designing and developing air and spacecraft to testing, designing and developing computer software.

The program will reach up to 100 girls per workshop. So far, nine workshops have been delivered in regional South Australia, with more scheduled over the coming months. For the participating girls, this program is an opportunity that would otherwise be unavailable to them. Thanks to Michelle and Verco Engineering the program overcomes long travel distances and high costs to provide this learning experience.

The Australian Government is supporting long-term strategic action to encourage more women and girls to pursue STEM education and careers.

Super STEM Regional SA is one of 46 projects funded by the government’s Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship (WISE) grant program, which is specifically designed to support women and girls’ participation in STEM education and careers, including entrepreneurship.

Other government initiatives to address gender equity in STEM include a Women in Science Strategy, a Decadal Plan for Women in Science, a Girls in STEM Toolkit and a Women in STEM Ambassador.

Engineers Australia is supporting International Women in Engineering Day 2018 by sharing important words of wisdom from women in engineering in Australia, who are highlighting the challenges faced by women in the profession every day.

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