Positioning our Resources Sector for a changing future

In an initiative which could assist scientists working with the resources sector, the Minister for Resources and Northern Australia Matt Canavan has announced a new Resources 2030 Taskforce to identify how the sector can take advantage of new technologies, geological sciences and opportunities.

The Minister says Australia needs to develop new ways of working, new ideas and new technologies so our resources sector can seize the opportunities inherent in global challenges.

The taskforce will focus on policy areas that can attract investment, contribute to regional economic progress, build community support, simplify business, find new minerals, and ensure that Australia gets best use of its mineral resources before they are exported.

It will identify bold, attainable reforms to ensure the resource sector’s competitiveness and sustainability to 2030 and will present its findings to the Minister by August 2018.

The Australian Government will use the proposals put forward by the taskforce as a basis to develop a National Resources Statement by late 2018.

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